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Food Safety and Standards(Amendment) Bill, 2014 withdrawn.

Welcome to The Bangalore District Chemists & Druggists Association.

The Bangalore district and chemist association is a committed association to encourage and assist the trade, industries and allied lines in the diffusion of useful knowledge by arrangement and provision of rooms, holding of exhibitions meetings and conference, lectures, printing and publishing newspapers, periodicals, journals, bulletins, leaflets books, publishing house and press circular etc.

It continues to establish and maintain or help in the establishment and maintenance of libraries and reading rooms for general use of the members of the association and all those engaged in the drug trade, industry and allied lines.

It consistently collects and circulates the statistics and all such information’s related to drug trade, industry and allies lines and educating its members in possible means, thus prompting and protecting the interest of drug trade and pharmaceutical industry and allied lines in Bangalore and of person engaged therein.

The Bangalore district and chemist association is intended to take and promote the scientific study of all branches of drug trade with a view there to establish, maintain or help in the establishment or maintenance of medical and pharmaceutical institution, laboratories, research arrangements, seminars, refresher courses and also foundation an endowment of studentship or scholarship.

It is consistently develops and maintains friendly relations amongst its members and all persons engaged in the trade and profession and also with the government, medical, mercantile or other public or private bodies or individuals.